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cycle problems


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My SBEII has had a problem with the shell getting caught when it tries to eject it. It's only happened three or four times but after i cleaned it it worked like it was brand new. I just take mine apart and clean the inside of it really well and it quits. But i dont know that much about Benelli's and cleaning them, but it works for me.

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Not sure why my last post got erased. Tucker has great advice. I would totally dissasemble the gun and degrease and re-lube with a light lube like Gunslick or the stuff that comes with the gun. Make sure there are no burs in the rails. Cycle it by hand and if feels smooth then I would say it is possible the ammo you are using.


Make sure you break in the gun if it is new with the heaviest loads you can find. That gun can shoot a big load. 1 1/4 oz 3.5 at 1550FPS would do the trick. I would shoot 2-3 boxes to break the gun in prior to going down to lower FPS or ounce size.


I am in SO Cal and if you are also, PM me and I would love to meet at a local range to shoot with you. Maybe it is something obvious that you overlooked or didn't catch. Benelli's are a piece of cake to clean and dissasemble. If that doesn't work then Customer Service is the way to go. It is hunting season so they may be a little busy.


Just a thought. Hopefully this time this will not be erased.


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