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How do I switch the Safety from RH to LH on SBEII


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I was wondering how I can switch my SBE II safety switch from RH operation to LH operation. I have checked the parts and the LH and RH trigger safetys are the same and the 'indents' are symetrical on the trigger guard so I am assuming the saftey can be removed and switched to LH operation (I am shooting my right handed SBEII left handed now, to address a cross eye dominance thing...).


Hopefully someone techically minded can explain here...




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Dukdude, the safety can be switched from right to left-handed. It does require more than a simple fieldstripping and should probably be done by either a gunsmith or a Benelli Armourer. There are some very small parts (pins and spring) involved in the process.


It should only take a 'smith or an armourer a few minutes to make the change.

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Saved this in a Word Document from Tucker in 05.


Hope it helps


posted 04-01-2005 10:10 PM04-01-2005 10:10 PM


Remove the trigger assembly from the receiver.

Drive out the pin (012A). Be careful, the parts under the pin are springloaded and will fly out when the pin is removed. Cup your hand over the hole to catch them.

The spring (007A) and detent (008A) should fall right out now. This will free the crossbolt safety (013J) for easy removal.

Reverse the safety, reinsert the detent and spring.

Depress ths spring below the hole for the pin and reinsert the pin.

Test thoroughly before loading!

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