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WTS: Benelli M4 NIB


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B&H gun rack in coco beach Fl. has all you want at $1400 and change NIB! They have LEO ready to go for a little more and Even had a camo last time I was up---BHGUNRACk.COM--- Enjoyed my purchas there, nice pepole----Now an entry model, I only see one out there and it is $$$$$. It is amazing what being 4 inches shorter can do for looks and from what I hear performance! I never thought I would say that!!!

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baseimage_big.gif M-4 Tactical Standard - 11720

This model is for sale only to law enforcement agencies at this time. It is distributed through Beretta Law Enforcement & Defense Group.The Benelli M-4 Tactical is an alternate version of the newest United States military shotgun. This is quickly becoming one of the most sought after law enforcement or defense semi-auto shotgun there is. It uses an advanced inertia operated rotating bolt system to create the fastest cycling semi-auto shotgun in the world. This system offers many advanages over a conventional gas operated gun - lower weight - less moving parts- lower maintenance - no 'O" rings to replace - greater reliability - no corrosion producing powder residue under the forearm. This truly unique shotgun offers a lifetime of superior performance. This version has the straight synthetic stock with Ghost Ring sights. Due to BATF restrictions on importation of non-sporting shotguns the gun is shipped with a standard stock and a restricted capacity magazine tube. This model is not for sale to either individual law enforcement officers or civilians at this time. Agencies please call for excise tax exempt bid pricing. ITEM # 11720

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