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The M4 SUPER90 Review by Charles Cutshaw in1999


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OK. Here it is... When I went looking for ANY new reviews of the M4 Super ( found none :( )

I decided now that I own one, I'd re-read the article @ http://club.guns.ru/eng/hkm4.html

So never mind the fact that it says it cycled EVERYTHING they threw at it... ( lies I say lies! ) See my old post about issues of light loads smile.gif Really I'm not mad. But I might now know WHY the model he has cycled... if your lucky enough to own this fine weapon, or have the chance to look at main site at benelli and take a look just forward of the trigger guard... see the curve.... I wonder why/what that is there for... ( Cycle the light load version tongue.gif )




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On page 5 of the Benelli 2000 catalog,describes the humps for the use of the speedloader tool,I've expierienced the older model speed loader with no luck and plenty of frustration :mad: ,Jim Clark's shotgun vidieo shows him doing it just fine, its up to the individual.Iam also and M4 SUPER 90 FAN, did some major research and penny saving before getting my M1014,LOVE IT.I can put 9, 2-3/4 shells in her and get it on ;) take it easy M1014 :cool:

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The M4 we have been testing with has performed flawlessly. Light loads, heavy loads, mixed stuff. It doesn't care. This is easily a huge improvement over the M1 and is going to set the standard for future shotguns.


We have bolted all kinds of stuff on it, trying to make it fail. We have not had a single hiccup after at least 3000 rounds.


check out our rail system at www.sidearmor.com and see for yourself. We have put optics and lights all over this thing and it handles it all with ease.

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