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M4 barrel porting


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Has anyone (gasp!) ported their high dollar M4 barrel? What were the results? Not so much concerened about recoil (but it would be nice to reduce it) but want to limit muzzle rise as much as possible for fast follow-up shots. And yes, I am planning on shooting hot/3" loads so the slight reduction in pressure should not be a problem.


Semper Fi

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Why would that be necessary?


Going to Alaska this summer to do some field work and my secondary job (which will instantly become number one if the shitte hits the fan!) will be bear guard for the team. That is the only reason I would use 3" mag loads. I am thinking about the porting to reduce muzzle rise for quick follow up shots. Pretty much ruled out 2 3/4 shells for Da Bears..... I can't envision having time for more than 3-4 shots before the bear is either down or he is close enough to put the muzzle in his ear....... so me thinks that having the extra horsepower in the first couple of shots, even with the recoil and muzzle rise penalty, is more important than an extra shell in the mag tube. For two legged wolves 2 3/4 shells are more than adequate.

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