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I am finally getting used to my new SBE II. At first I was wondering if I had purchased the wrong gun, but now that I have got some time with it it is one fine piece. It cycles everything you can throw at it and I can hit things with it "now". It took a little to get used to it. I was putting to much of a lead on them.

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I love my SBE 2...i've been goose hunting with it after all the patterning and its been working fine,i've shot BBB and number 4's and 71/2 shot...its been a smooth firing gun...i have no complaints,i don't understand why so many guys are having problems with them....i went out when i got it in Dec 2007 pattern it...shot some skeet...then went to the marsh...its been flawless....Honkers41

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My SBEII has only been to the patterning board a few times, but I've put everything through it from #8s to 3 1/2" Heavy Turkey and 00 Buck, and it spits 'em out faster than I can pull the trigger. I'm confident in the eagle. It's everything I wanted. No complaints here.


Come Turkey Season, I'll have some stories to tell. And hopefully some nice pics.

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