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Choke Recommendations for Cordoba


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This past weekend I had a fantastic duck hunt down in the bayou of LA with my new Benelli Cordoba (30"). Prior to the hunt I bought a Briley skeet choke for my gun in the hopes of opening the pattern over the Benelli factory Cyclinder choke... yes Cylinder! To my surprise even the Briley choke was only slightly more open than the Benelli Cylinder. It was however, deadly on ducks at both medium (25 - 35 yds.) and long ranges (60+ yds.). However, a diffuser choke throwing a wider pattern would have probably been better on short range Teals coming in over decoys.


In my years of experience with both a Remington 1100 and Beretta 687 EELL DP (multiple choke options), this Benelli throws significantly tighter patterns. Do you have any recommendations on a diffuser/spreader choke that would work well with the Benelli?

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Skeet choke is tighter than cylinder choke........lets say cylinder is .000" constriction a skeet will be .005" constriction.....skeet II is usually .007" and Improved Cylinder is .010" tighter!


I have used the Briley Speader Chokes on Sporting Clays in the past but found "spreader" wads worked better when I was reloading for my competitive shooting.....always carried a few "spreaders" and "XLR's" (XtraLongRange) in my shooting bag! Ballistic Products carries those spreader wads and might have them for steel shot???

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