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Which Tactcal Bolt Release for a M1014?

Flame Red

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I found three:






$19.95 - looks like a drill and tap over the original button








$90 and hard to install from what I hear. Replacement for the stock release.


Celtic Mist Machining




$50 - looks like another drill and tap over the original button


Any recommendations?

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Here is mine I installed yesterday.


I actually was considering the TAC2 but GGG the piece "just goes better" with the GGG bolt handle. Altough why they did not use checkering on the face like they did on the handle is a mystery.

Any of those will work but the Arredondo unit looks a bit large for my taste. The GGG pad feels right to me and is of good build quality.


Are ya going to put it on yourself?




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I wanted to try to do it myself. I understand the GG&G unit is tough. Were you able to do it yourself?




That looks like a 1911 extended mag release. Where did you get it and how did it go on?


It is easy if you have three hands! :)




Actually it wasn't all that tough. Just go slow and careful


And they are all going to be the same proccess. This is listed below:



Break the gun down so you have just the reciever. (No bolt/trigger group)



While holding the bolt release assy from the inside with one finger, tap out the roll pin from the bottom. Be sure the reciever is supported and stable. Drive pin down until assy is completly free.


* Note how the spring is situated before removal

* Be sure you have the correct punch size or you could goon up the reciever or roll pin or both.



Remove pad from GGG unit. Take padless release arm/ spring and fit into place. Using new roll pin provided carefully align holes and tap new pin into place. You have to be aware of the "feel" of it- once you get to the far side hole with the pin the spring will try to push it out of alignment, gentle wiggle it until you feel the pin engage the hole. Drive pin until it is just below the lip of the top side hole. It helps to use a bright flashlight to check this. (I keep a Surefire EL1 in my gun tool box for just such occasions)



Replace pad and torque to the recommended tightness.



Function test using dummy ammo for fit and function.


Apply a coat of oil and you are set-


Nuttin to it!


IF you are not comfortable with working on your own guns or don't have the proper tools, seek the help of a gunsmith. It shouldn't be to expensive.


Good Luck



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Thanks for posting those instructions. I am pretty good at pin work. Do you happen to recall if there was a special punch size needed? I have a excellent quality 3/32" and 1/16" punches. Or is something smaller needed?


You are very welcome-


I used a 3/32" punch- it worked like a champ. Just make sure it is not a "shorty"..... the tip of mine is 1.75" long and it was plenty long enough.


One benefit of going with the GG&G or TAC2 buttons is that you can take them off and return the gun to stock if need be.



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