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M1 vs M2


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I was thinkingabout buying an M2 but I have a chance to buy an old "new in the box" M1 Super 90 with a Benelli mag extension for a very reasonable price. Price aside, are there an advantages to purchasing an M2 over an M1. Does Benelli sell magazine extensions for the M2? I was also wondering if the Comfortech stock could be retofitted to an M1. Any advice would be greatly appreciated (I am new to this forum)!

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welcome,,I own two M1s,lovem,,the m2s don't seem to have any real advantage over the M1s plus these days an individual can get a very decent M1 for a even more decent price,,,especially when box and papers come with the weapon,,that really shows the weapon has been tended too.as far as comort-tech goes and mag extensions ,,,just from casual visualization,,it appears that it will interchange models,,,good luck

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