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Benelli M4 stock removing


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Hello, I am a european user of a Benelli M4 shotgun and yesterday I wanted to remove the fixed pistolgrip stock for inspection and cleaning. The M4 manual shows no instruction for removing fixed hunting stocks. Therefore I first removed the rubber buttcap and next I tryed to unscrew the 053J stock retaining nut, but it did not come off easily, because it was glued on the 280J stock retaining pin. I noticed that the 280J stock retaining pin is treaded and it rotated with the 053J stock retaining nut when I tryed to unscrew the nut off. I know now that I had to unscrew all the stock from the receiver like the pistolgrip, but yesterday I did not.


So to my question: Have I damaged, rotated or somehow altered the 049J recoil spring tube which is attached at the rear receiver by unscrewing the stock retaining nut which also rotated the stock retaining pin that is screwed in the recoil spring tube? The treads on the stock retaining pin are inside the recoil spring tube, and when I tryed to unscrew, would it basically unscrew itself out of the recoil spring tube, or have I damaged anything? Besides, the gluing between the stock retaining nut and pin loosened very quickly after about one quarter revolution with a "tikk" sound insinde the stock.

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The stud to which you refer screws into the end of the buffer tube and it's only function is to hold the nut that holds the sling attachment point in place on the stock. The threads at the front of the pistol grip hold the stock in place and the threaded stud has no other function. The buffer tube into which the stud was threaded is held in place by a very strong locking compound that requires high heat to loosen. There is very little chance that you moved the buffer tube. Put the stud back in, with the sling attachment and nut in place, tighten it firmly, put the recoil pad back on and don't worry about it.


If it ever comes loose all that will happen is the sling attach point will fall out.

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Ok..thankyou for answer. My Benelli M4 came from the factory with the fully moveable telescopic stock and a full length magazine tube..it is the non 1014 version and has no american flag on the right receiver. There is only a stamp mark on the left side "12 Ga. M4 Benelli Italy". Because of the strict gunlaws in my country, the gunshop had to screw on a fixed stock before they sent me this firearm along with the telescopic stock i the same box. Therfore I had no clue by removing the fixed stock.

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