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bore diameter of Nova


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I looked through all the posts discussing chokes etc., but I didn't see any bore diameter listed for the standard 12ga. Nova bore.

Could be, that it is standard for most of the Benelli's or....not, but I don't know.


I would like to figure my percent reduction with the chokes I use so.....if anyone knows what standard bore diameter for the Nova is.....please holler.





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Stamped right on your barrel. On the underside, you will see a number stamped which is millimeters. Simply convert that to inches. In my case it is stamped 18.4 which converts to .724408 or, .724 to .725 ish.


Nominal 12 gauge is .729 or 18.5 millimeters.


I had heard that the Benelli's run just a little to the tighter side and so it seems.


Answered my own question.....:)



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way to go paul!


keep in mind it's a good idea to measure your choke tubes with an indicator....dial calipers work to some extend but watch those notches in the end of the tubes. when it comes to aftermarket tubes I've seen them market "Full" but the actually measured "modified"! Below is a chart from Briley's website that I keep on hand as a reference when measuring choke tubes;


12 ga. 20 ga. .410 bore

.000" .000" .000" = Cylinder ©

----- .003" .003" = Lite Skeet (LS)

.005" .005" .005" = Skeet (S)

----- .007" .007" = Imp Skt (IS)

.010" .009" .008" = Imp Cyl (IC)

.015" .012" .010" = Lite Modified (LM)

.020" .015" .012" = Modified (M)

.025" .018" .014" = Imp Mod (IM)

.030" .021" .016" = Lite Full (LF)

.035" .024" .018" = Full (F)

.040" .027" .020" = Xtra-Full (XF)


For 10 & 16 ga use the 12 ga column, for 28ga use the 20 ga column.

If your barrel is .725" then a "full" choke for this barrel should be .690".....but you'll more than likely find aftermarket tubes for benelli's (mobil chokes) that actually measure .695", at least this has been my experience!

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