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SBE II Crio Barrel: How do you remove the scope mount studs?

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I was wondering if someone could tell me the best way to remove the scope mount studs from the top of the reciever area on the new SBE II Crio barrels? They have no slot, etc in them for easy removal and I don't want to damage them or scratch any thing up in the process of removing them, anyone have any suggestions on how they removed theirs?




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Yes, they are hard rubber or plastic plugs.

They pop out instead of unscrewing.


I am amazed at how often this gets asked.

Apparently, many new gun owners have no clue what they are or how to remove them.


tuck, does the benelli SBE2 or SuperNova owners manual explain this?


Since both of my "newer" guns were purchased used (I didn't get an owners manual) i have not been able to confirm benelli put this info out to the public?!?!


it is a question that has appeared frequently on this forum......

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To my knowledge, the manuals do not cover the removal of the plugs.

The first time I encountered them instead of the old plug screws I figured it out pretty quickly, as I'm sure just about any experienced gun owner would.


Problem is, not everyone is an experienced gun owner.



The real problem is, Benelli should include this info in their manuals. I found the Benelli manual very hard to follow, on even what it did show. For what their guns cost, Benelli should be doing a much better job on their manuals.


I am a very experienced gun owner, but I never ran into this type of plug before. And like the original poster stated, I don't particularly like scratching or screwing up my guns unnecessarily. I'm glad Dukdude asked the question because it has helped me...and probably many others.

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And another thing, what a cheap trick Benelli pulled on a $1500 shotgun. Has anybody tried to put the plugs back in when they removed a scope or red dot after turkey season? I figure I'll have to go out and buy real metal threaded plugs, like Benelli should have used in the first place. Yeah, I know, they aren't that expensive, but that's all the more reason Benelli should have provided them in the first place.

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MANY makers use the plastic plugs now instead of steel plugs.

The plastic ones will not rust and seize in place the way the old steel ones will, if not removed for several years.


It's generally assumed that when someone removes them that they are doing so because they are going to mount optics.


If you're a multi-use hunter and want to replug the holes, then it's up to you to get some kind of replacements if you want them.

It's not necessary to fill the holes at all.

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