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SuperNova Patterns w/various loads & chokes


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Ran across this thread on another forum where a fellow Benelli SuperNova owner patterned his gun with a Carlson & Primo's Jelly Head using a variety of loads. Winchester Xtended Range, Winchester XX and Remington Hevi-Shot were in the mix.....good stuff for you guys looking for a starting point to pattern your turkey guns!



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Thanks for the link 10,that gives a pretty good starting point.I sure wish the guy had used the new Hevi-13 in his tests.I hear some have been getting pretty good results with it.

I had good results with the Hevi-13 in my SBE and a Briley choke,would havew used it last year but didnt have enough time to go back and reset my sights to the Hevi-13.

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i was wondering why this guy decided to use 45 yards and a 8" diameter circle to do his patterning?


for decades i've patterned at 40yds using the 30" diameter circle method for various reasons (waterfowl, upland and sporting clays). Using this tried and true method of determing "pattern efficiency" (number of holes inside 30"dia divided by number of pellets in the shot charge) has served many a bird hunter for over 100 years to determine what kind of pattern their gun is capable of.


However, in the last couple of years i've tested turkey combos (gun, choke, load) at 35yds using an 8" circle method. personally, i think patterning a turkey gun should be done differently than we pattern guns for other shotgun sports. Why? Because we don't shoot turkey's like we do other game....we use the shotgun more like a rifle (we aim it) for turkey and the turkey head/neck is the smallest target compared to other game that the shotgun is used for! Turkey combo's should be about center density but most hunters have been convinced by folks like the NWTF that 100 pellets inside a 10" diameter circle at 40 yards is a proper turkey "killer". Since most shooters are using the 10" @ 40yd method it's always a very good idea to make certain you take this into consideration when comparing data!

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