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12 guage Federal MagShok with flitecontrol


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Remember...there are no stupid questions


Can a M2 take this shell?

What's the difference between a magnum and standard shotshell? Payload only?


gc, magnum loads will usually have a greater payload but the real difference in a magnum load vs a field or target load is the powder type and charge. different powders have different burn rates and to increase velocity or to create a magnum load a change in powder is typically what manufactures and reloads do....it isn't simply adding more shot (payload).


yes, Federal MagShok Flitecontrol shells will work in a M2....like td said just keep them 3" or 2-3/4"!

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Thanks guys. Of course I would keep it to 2 3/4 or 3" shells. I guess my question about the gun handling a magnum load comes from there not being something stamped into the barrel along with the shell length denoting that a magnum shell is acceptable.


The tutorial about magnum vs field loads was also informative.

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