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wade strippers for tukeys?

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any one shooting a PM or wad wizard for turkeys? i have both that i use for waterfowl, one on my monte the onther on my nova the wad wizard is a litte tighter and handels 3 1/2 shells best. both are putting 90% in a 30in circle at 35 yards with steel 3in 1.25 4's. i am looking at getting a new turkey choke but will hold off if i like the patterns they put up with turkey loads. just thought i would run it by the experts before i get another choke.:D

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If you are getting patterns like that, I'd try them with hevi-shot or federal magshox flightcontrol! most of these are fairly open, do you know what constriction you have?


Keep us posted on your patterns.



there is no constriction, both have wad stripping nubs that stick up in side the tube with out them they would be cylinder bore. the wad strippers grab the the wad as it leaves the barrel giving a more dence pattern and less shot string. they pattern steel like an extra full but the idea is to cut down on the shot string.

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let me rephrase my question....what do these tubes you are shooting actually measure i.d. (inside diameter) in inches? lots of tube makers call a choke cylinder but they are not always a "true" cylinder for a benelli......most 12 ga makers use a .729-730" dia bore and your nova is more like .723-725". therefore your wad wizzard or patternmaster should be .723-725" but i'll be it is less....maybe .710-712" if you accurately measure the smallest diameter (not on top of those nubs) would me my educated guess but please enlighten me....i'm curious because i believe way to many of us over choke our turkey guns trying to tighten patterns and i am just as guilty! most of my guns are shooting .665-.675" tubes with good results but i'm considering a move to a .710 or .720" for kicks.....thanks!

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