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limbsaver recoil pad for sbe


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Hello everyone

New to the site and to benelli's as well so please bear with me. I recently purchased a 95 h&k benelli sbe and tried fitting one of the limbsaver precision fit pads to it but its just to big. It sticks out an eighth of an inch all around the edge of the stock. I've checked the number and its the right one #10401 for a wood stock. My question is has anyone else had this problem and would this pad actually lessen the recoil over the stock pad.Thanks for the space


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Limbsavers are great! I have three. I suggest you send your unused pad and buttstock to Limbsaver. They will exchange the unused pad for a grind-to-fit pad, install it on your stock, and return it to you. Cost is reasonable...I can't remember how much it cost me the two times I have done this.


There is a template you can print out to see if any pre-fit pads might work. But, if not, get the grind-to-fit.

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Hi Joe,


I purchased the same pad for my Cordoba. It's a perfect fit for my gun.


I just got back from shooting four rounds of trap and no sore shoulder. I like it 100% better than the original pad.


Hopefully an SBE owner will chime in to give you a hand with your fitting issue. In my opinion, the Limbsaver pads are well worth the price.


I hope this helps,


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