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Nova With Recoil Reducer vs. SBE2 or M2


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I am thinking long and hard about the next scattergun. I have the Nova with recoil reducer and limbsaver. So, it works well with 3.5 goose loads or turkey loads. It is camo also. But, I would like a semi-auto next. The semi-auto might be used for goose, or turkey, but with the Nova already set up, do I really need the SBE? Would the M2 be a better choice for dove, quail, pheasant?

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First of all,you need to decide which one fits you best,which one comes up the best for you when you shoulder it.Although you can change that some using the shims that come with gun,it still has to come up good for you for fast shots on pheasants,grouse etc.

Secondly,the M2 is a 3" chambered gun,so you cant shoot your 3.5" turkey and goose loads in it.

If you buy a SBE,then you have the option of using it for turkeys,geese,pheasants ,grouse,dove,and anything else you might want to hunt with it.You cant go wrong with either gun,but you can do more with the SBE,and the SBE will shoot loads light enough to dove hunt with.My SBE is a 2000 model,and it has worked every load I have put in it,including some light 1oz game loads.

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Hands down SBEII for Goose & Turkey and do not expect to be low recoil!! It kicks like a 10Ga and if ya can't handle recoil do not get it! If ya wanta bird gun semi go with the S-SPORT. M2 probably not much different than the SBII never shot one or heard a whole lot about it, I would think if the Preacher Patterson used it AKA DC it would be a smoke pole!! He is not shooting a lotta Quail or Dove with his M2's but you could drop down in loads and it would work with either! Myself would go with O/U for birds, Browning Cynergy if i do buy! Amazing feel and shoulders nice and recoil pad and back bore tones it down on recoil! 32" barrel shoulders like a much shorter barrel? do not know why but would probably buy the 28" or 30" when it happens! what it boild down to is Quality shotgun and they are all so far ahead of the 4 and 5 hundered buck clones that people wanta pump up or try to compare!! most 3" rounds will do same thing a 3.5 round will do, as in putting supper on the table with less recoil just use different choke tube or style of ammo!

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