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SteadyGrip Stock Cast Questions....


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I recently put a SteadyGrip on my SBE & SuperNova and was wondering about shim's....let's start with the SBE since both guns use a bit different shim design;


SBE SteadyGrip

Since the SteadyGrip stocks can't use the steel "cast" washers it appears the stock cast can not be adjusted for an SBE. I'm I correct in this assumption? The shims on the SBE will only adjust "drop" so is it safe to assume the SteadGrip has a "Zero" cast or is straight for both a right or left hand shooter?


SuperNova SteadyGrip (applies to SBE2 as well)

There isn't any provision for the steel "cast" washer inside this stock either. However, it appears that the shim system that goes between the stock and reciever may allow for some "cast" adjustment. I'm wondering if this is correct even without any adjustment washer inside the stock as found in the ComforTech stocks??? Does anyone know how much cast change the shims provide? The manual is not clear on this with respect to SteadyGrip stocks.

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I could see no way to adjust drop or cast on the SG I bought for my SBE II last year. The gun shot a foot lower than I wanted it to, so I sold the stock for more than I paid for it on E-Bay.


I don't know anything about the SN.


Thanks Mud, the SN uses the same stock as the SBE2 so I might have the same issues you had.....I just have not shot mine yet to know. If I had a shim kit for my SN I'd try changing them and measure the drop to see if anything changed....but since I got my SN used I didn't get the shim kit. The ComforTech stock made me wonder about shim adjustment having little effect since Benelli put interchangable combs on this stock. Maybe the higher bib led them to this mod?

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