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benelli crio full choke for sbeII


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I started testing the Benelli choke in a new SBE II this past weekend. I was testing against a Jellyhead .660 and a Rhino .670. I only tested the Benelli choke @ 20 yds. as I was testing diff. ammo also. The Benelli tested very favorably against the others when using the old style Rem. Hevi Shot in # 5. I need to do additional testing at other yardages with some diff. loads to get a good comparison tho. I guess I would say that testing is incomplete at this point.

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thanks.........just cancalled my crio xtra full turkey choke from benelli an ordered the rino choke for mySBEII also nitro 4x5x7 3 1/2 shells,....ouch! shells for this stuff is outta sight....why?hummm.told my friend that this new combo will have me shooting turkeys at 50 yrds an no loss of meat!...Ha ha ha .....he said: maybe it's going to be too tight for 25 to 30 yrds.....guess heads fly off at that range ???? sonny

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i shoot a.640 Hastings out of my Turkey special mossberg...number 6 Kents Turkey load 3 inch mag 1 3/4ozs..i've shot one gobbler out to 56 yards..and it rolled him ...but remember when your shooting close with that tight choke aim at the base of the neck or you'll miss at 15 yards or less..you want more lower neck when your shooting tight chokes, just something to think about,Honkers41


P.S I am a Benelli SBE2 shooter,but use my Turkey special500...for gobblers...

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