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Benelli / Franchi Logic


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:confused:This post is directed more toward Franchi owners, but I posted it here because I was curious as to what Benelli owners thought also. As I have said in previous post I have owned a few Benellis never had a problem with any except for the occasional hiccup to be expected. My brother bought one of the Franchi I-12s when they first came out about three years ago I loved the way the gun fit and felt, but he had cycling problems with it and got rid of it. I have a SBE2 camo that I use for hunting, but I have been wanting a non camo black synthetic gun for skeet and sporting clays.


I was in Dicks one evening and saw a Franchi I-12 for $639.00 I said to myself surly by now three years later they must have worked the bugs out, they wouldn't still be selling I-12s that still have problems, well I thought wrong! I put over 500 rounds threw it and had the same cycling problems everyone else has had with this gun. I sent it back to Franchi its been gone about two weeks they said I should get it back in about four weeks.


My point and question is this, first and foremost have they fixed the bugs in the newer I-12s or are they still putting brand new defective guns on the market? Second, if they knew there was a problem with this gun and they did, why did they not recall them ,fix them and then put them back on the market? I don't understand why they would put there reputation at risk. They may have saved a little in the short run, but I feel they have hurt themselves in the long run. Any one else's opinion would be greatly appreciated




Proud owner of a brand new defective I-12:confused:

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I recently purchased a late-production Franchi I-12 in the Max 4 camo for waterfowl use. After struggling with the gun for a couple of weeks, I patterned it to find it was shooting any load/ any choke/ any shooter/ approximately 8"-12" to the left at 35 yards! It will fail to feed into battery approximately 1-2 times in a box of shells no matter what the load, and in about 1500 rounds has thrown the bolt handle once (I was able to find it).


The gun is going back for warranty repair on Monday. To say I'm discouraged and lack confidence in the purchase is an understatement. I pre-cleaned the gun and broke it in per instuctions. I left it behind on a recent snow goose hunt only to take several geese with my Benelli Super Nova and a cheap (but reliable) 870 Express Super Magnum. I really had high hopes when I bought the gun, but it appears the problems are still present. Also somewhat disparaging is this particular gun now lists for $889.00 which puts it within a couple hundred of a top of the line weapon. I'll be anxious to see what happens with this. Benelli USA needs to realize they are not doing themselves any favors by having their good name afilliated with such a product. I guess now it's wait and see. CKruse

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Why do automakers recall cars?


  • The government mandates it, based on field reports
  • Voulntary recalls to avoid potential litigation

Both are based on a distinctive defect and the percentage of occurence.


Simply put, the chances of someone getting injured or killed from a gun that occassionally hangs are very close to zero.


In automotive recalls, the defect is pinpointed and defective part or some other fix is specifically laid out.


In order for a recall to occur from a firearms maker, there must be some solid evidence of a defective part, design, or assembly.

Produce your evidence and show it to the .... who? ATF?



They don't care.

The ATF is there to collect your fees and to make sure you don't have a gun when you truly most need one.


The CPSC is too pre-occupied with Chinese toys and blenders.


Can you tell Benelli / Franchi exactly what the defect is that makes your shotgun not work properly, sometimes?

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I have to agree with ckruse OK so maybe not a recall, but at the very least quit making ****** up guns and putting them on the market when you know there is a problem with them!


Hey if I get my I-12 back and it is fixed I may even buy the sporting version they came out with for 2008 I really like the way the I-12 fits me, even better than my SBE2, if it would just shoot like my SBE2 I would be happy!

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