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EOTech with 2 reticle patterns WTF???


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I recently got an EOTech 511, I only took it out to the range once so far, I haven't had a chance to use it much...I was going to do a little dry firing at the TV and I noticed I had two reticle patterns in the viewer. WTF??? I couldn't believe it was malfunctioning already. I turned it off and on, changed the batteries, looked on-line to see if anyone else had this issue. No luck... I got frustrated shut it off and went on to do other things then an hour later went back to it and the EOTech was fine only one reticle. Great... But it was still bugging me as to what may have caused it. After scratching my head for a few hours, it all clicked and I couldn't believe how stupid I was.


I have an astigmatism in my right eye the first time I tried it I didn't have my glasses on and bingo double vision. Something about how the EOTech is designed makes my astigmatism very noticeable. My glasses correct for it so no biggie, I always wear em at the range.

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Is your 511 mounted on an M4? If so, how is your cheek weld and what kind of stock do you have on it?



I have a full stock with pistol grip...

I have to raise my cheek a little higher than I did before, when just using the ghost ring sights.

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Glad you figured it out. I'm told I have an astigmatism as well, although I've never had any problems of that type. I don't know why I was diagnosed with one honestly. I've never had glasses, and just recently had my first eye exam, as my eyes are fading a little bit.


How you liking it so far? or have you gotten to use yet?

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