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super nova

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I have a Supernova I bought back in January,I am just now getting to put it thru its paces for turkey season but so far no hiccups or problems,and I am shooting 3 1/2" turkey loads thru it.It actually seems to throw a more uniform pattern with most chokes and loads than my older model SBE.

I would think the Supernova just as durable as the SBE2,but you are comparing *****s to oranges,auto to pump.

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The Supernova is tough and reliable. The Comfortech stock is well worth the extra you pay over the Nova, as well as the trigger guard and other small features. I didn't even feel the loads of 3 1/2" steel I shot through mine while snow goose hunting earlier this month. The actions are stiff until they are broken in, but smooth up really nicely. Plus, you'll not worry one minute about what loads it will/wont cycle! CKruse

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What can I say?


Personally, I think that the SN ranks amongst the top three pumps.


I'm biased; it's number one!


Frankly, nothing wrong with Mossberg, Ithaca, Remington or Winchester BUT Benelli have used modern design and materials to produce the very best pump extant!


Best regards,



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