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Gauge reducers?????


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Has anyone ever used gauge reducers. Saw some in Cabelas that reduce 12 gauge to 20, 410, 16 gauges. Are they safe and has anyone tried them in their SBE II etc.


I am thinking about trying them because my nephew just turned eight and will be able to go on his first youth turkey hunt with me this spring. But I can't afford another shotgun right now and thought this might be a solution.

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Hopefully I will be able to expand my inventory and pick up 20 gauge and 410. A co-worker is checking with one of his friends to see if I can borrow his 410 for now.


I did read some of the reviews on the Little Skeeter Gauge Reducers in Cabelas and they seem to indicate that they do pretty well except that the hulls needed to be pushed out of the reducer itself once fired and ejected.

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