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Why I am glad I have an M4 by my bed


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That video is misleading. What is the first rule of gun fighting? Bring a gun! That young lady brought OC spray to a gun fight. As a life long (now retired) federal law enforcement police sergeant, I have seen OC type sprays employed many times. They are a non-lethal part of a defense strategy, just like personnel defense tactics, batons or bean bags. The bottom line is that you have to assess your situation and employ whatever is most appropriate or is available to the situation. Many people that carry OC sprays, do not own or carry firearms either on their person or in their bedrooms. OC spray will give you the chance to get away from a possible serious or life threatening situation. Getting back to the video. If all she possessed was OC spray verses nothing, then spray her assailant and flee the area. Her OC spray would have been her only chance. However, this was a staged event and she knew in advance the shooter had a weapon. She should of taken out her handgun and blown the perp away as. OC spray verses a handgun? Like I said earlier, violates rule# 1 of gun fighting and a poor attempt (the video) at trying to convince firearm neophytes that OC sprays doesn't work. Keeping an M4 near your bed - you bet!!! Bringing OC to a gun fight - I don't think so. :eek:




Cape Cod

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