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SBE2 burris fastfire?


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Benelli models except the 12 ga Nova use a 93A Weaver scope base. MidWayUSA.com sells a few brands of this scope base in one piece or two pieces. The FastFire comes with a Picatinny/Weaver mount, so you could mount it to the 93 base. I think this red dot is more for pistols than shotguns, but, some people do use them on shotguns. Burris makes the SpeedDot that would work better I would think for your turkey gun. It comes with weaver style rings to fit the 93 weaver base. I have a friend with an 870 Super Mangun is Mossy Oak Obsession camo that just got a TruGlo red dot sight mounted on it. He loves it. He hasnt lined it up yet, but I think he likes the TruGlo brand pretty good also.

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Check out the new Speed Bead from Burris. Its the Fast fire red dot mounted on a spacer that fits between the stock and reciever. I got one last week from Midway USA and its Awesome.


I have a Speedbead mounted on my Comfort,and from what I've seen so far, it is a great product. Although I haven't really gotten to test it in a competition yet..



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