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Turkey Flock


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Here in ky my season starts saturday since im a youth. I went out sunday morning before church to do some scouting and I found one flock with 9 gobblers strutting in it with about 40-50 hens. This could be the biggest flock of turkeys I've ever hunted in the spring. Last year I used a pretty boy decoy with great success. Almost every bird I saw came running after it. All these groups were small though, usually just a couple of gobblers and a few hens. Does anyone know if that decoy will work as well with a group this large? I'm thinkin that at least one of these birds should come after it. But who knows, they might even split up before saturday.

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well, i got bad news today. I thought i was going to be able to youth but i found out that i couldnt. in the hunting guide the way it was worded i thought i was able to youth hunt, but just to make sure i got on the internet to read it on there and it sounded like i couldn't. one of my friends called our local game warden yesterday and the game warden said that i could hunt. just to make certain though, my dad called the ky dept. of fish and wildlife today. they said that i couldnt. i think is stupid though, partly b/c i can't hunt but also b/c i can buy a youth permit and license but i cant youth hunt. i think thats pretty stupid but i guess ill just have to follow the law and not start season until the next saturday. im not too worried though b/c i think i still wont have too much trouble finding that big ole longbeard. good luck to everyone else who gets to start this weekend or has already got to start.

i hate u...:D

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