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Nordic +2 Magazine Extension on Supernova Tactical


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Hey UNSC, thanks for the help, but this will only get me close (it will be within half an inch), and I am going for zero extension past the barrel. (Its ok if the extension is short a bit)

I would need to know not the overall length of the extension, but the exact distance between the inner end of the threading and the end of the tube. I might also need to know the length of the threading as well.

What I was really hoping for was that someone actually had the nordic 2+ on a supernova tactical.


Thanks again,



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I called Nordic Components who gave me the overall length on the +2 extension as 5.9 inches. I measured the distance from the metal ring on the barrel to its end and got around 6 and a quarter. Didn't see how I could go wrong, and ordered the extension from Nordic directly. (along with the cool rail clamp)

Sure enough, the mag extension is shorter than the barrel by 11/32" (close as I could measure). Which is around what I was looking for.

I know it doesnt matter as far as functionality, but I hate it when the extension goes past the barrel.

I was going to post a pic, but this forum wont let me. There are some pics in the Benelli photo album over at shotgunworld though. Only two under XTheOwl...

Hope it helps someone else,


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Yeah, direct from nordic was the retail $79, so no discount. Very fast and friendly people though.


And yes, the +2 extension (5.9" overall length) lets me fit a grand total of 7 in the mag plus one in the chamber of 2-3/4". It is a close thing, but they fit every time. The instructions said to start, cut the spring 10 to 16" past the end of the tubes (stock plus extension). At this length (16"), it would almost but not quite take the 7th round. I trimmed another two inches and that seemed to do it. I've run 2-3/4 and 3-1/2's through it and no feed problems, so the spring force is evidently still sufficient as well.



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Regarding the +3 capacity with the 2-3/4" shells I get with the +2 extension:


The shell I was using in particular was a Remington "Game Load" 2-3/4" 1oz #6 shot. I measured the unfired shell length as 2-5/16".


(Just in case there are small differences in lengths between manufacturers/ammo types)



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Yes! I actually do. Nordic sent me the cc receipt in the mail, and along with it another invoice! Those guys really do dot all the i's....


Nordic Components Inc

Phone: (320)234-6015

Fax: (320)234-6016




and the clamp in the pic (which you don't need unless you want the rail...)




$79 and $47. Kinda pricey, but stuff looks and feels good quality.



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