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Recoil Pad for SuperNova


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I just about have my SuperNova done....set-up to be a turkey killing machine!!! My only problem is that I am trying to find a recol pad to fit the Benelli Steady Grip Stock. Have you guys found anything??? I really don't want a slip on type pad...but that seems to be all I can find. Not to mention, when I talked to the gentleman at Limbsaver about the recoil pad, he was, well, not very nice and very arrogant when he told me they only make the slip on for the steady grip stock. And when I asked what size...his response was..."measure it...then order one...thanks for the call...bye." I think someone whizzed in wheaties that day!!!


Anyway...any help with a recoil pad for a steady grip stock would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!! And if you have a slip on pad...let me know how it fits if you have had trouble with it.


Thanks guys!!!!

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I put a limbsaver pad on my Steadygrip,like you I couldnt bear the thoughts of using the factory pad,harder than a limestone rock,lol.Anyhow I actually used an adapter from a pad for a SBE,the lil plastic adapter made to go inside the stock to hold the pad.I had to fit this adapter to the inside of the stock on my gun.Then I used a prefit pad,a very close match to the stock.It was just a lil long on the lower butt,maybe 3/16" ,and i rounded it off to fit the contour of my stock.

To be sure it was a pain to do this but then I always did like a challenge!If you need more details you can send me a message,and I will try to help you all I can!

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I have Stoeger p350, which for all intent and purpose is the same gun as the nova/supernova and ill be honest with you i didnt think the kick was bad at all compared to other guns i have. My mossberg 535ATS damn near blows a hole in my shoulder every time i fire it with a 3 1/2 inch shell and it is only 1/10 of a pound lighter than the stoeger/nova. What i noticed about the p350 is that the weight seems to be directed towards the front end of the gun so maybe that has something to do with it. But it nice to shoot even with 3 1/2 high velocity shells so no recoil pad needed here other than the stock one. Besides when i have turkeys in sight i never feel anything when i pull the trigger anyhow, except a little bird fever.......

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