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New M4 and SBE2 newbie

Full Bore

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Hello to all. I have enjoyed this forum for some time but never posted as I did not own a Benelli. Now I own two so I feel qualified to join in. I just bought the only M4 11707 I have ever seen and while I was at it I also got a SBE 2. I have been a local and the only smith here for around 25 years and plan on spending a little more time shooting more than just what I work on. As a smith I can assure you that there are many fine firearm brands and models out there and any firearm can have a problem (and I've worked on them all, junk to the high dollar guns) they are tools made by man but the Benelli is the least seen brand in the shop. I think that says alot. Any Nelli's that have come in are mostly for mods or due to owner neglect. Thats why I bought two. They are very reliable, fast cycling, easy to clean and just plain fun to shoot. I like my auto's and O/U's and after all this time of owning all the others I have to ask myself "What in the heck was I thinking". I don't want to make my first post too long but if I can toot my dealers horn for a minute check them out at www.jaquas.com

If I remember correctly it seems there were some lefties out there having trouble finding left handed guns and I believe they have six or so in stock. SBE 2's and M2's and of course all the other right handed models except the M4. I bought that one. If you are ever in the area it is well worth your time to stop by and check them out.

I look forward to future posts and gaining info and experiences from Benelli owners such as the many fine folks in this forum. Thanks. Full Bore smile.gif :cool:


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On Jaquas website click on the gun list tab at the top of the homepage then use the search by manufacturer window. They have almost every gun in inventory listed. New or used. PM me if you can't get it. FullBore


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