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M4 question


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Hi I just bought a new M4 and I have two questions

  • What comes in the box with the gun? Do you get a choke wrench? I went to a good gun shop and I know you have to assemble the gun when you take it out of the box so maybe they left it out not sure. Hate go there and say you lost the wrench when it does not come with the gun. I did get the manual.

Next question are collapsible stock legal to put on now? And is Benelli sellingM4s with the collapsible stock to the public and they are just hard to get? Tried reading all the posts but most people want to put on the tube and stock, which may be pushing it. Thanks for any help

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It does come with the choke wrench. If it isn't there, contact the shop or Benelli directly.

Legality of the M4 Collapsible stock is all about interpretation and how you perceive the law.

It states you can have a collapsible but cannot have availability of more than 5 rounds. If you add an extended mag tube, then it is questionable via interpretation of the law. You can have an extended mag tube, but no collapsible stock with pistol grip. So it is one or the other

With that being said, Benelli does not sell the collapsible stock version to American civilians

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quick question, see if anyone can answer this for me... so is it illegal to have both a skeletonized stock that doesn't collapse and an extended mag tube on your benelli m4?


You shouldn't count on us for your answers... call your local ATF office and also check with the Department of Justice with the state you live in... Just because you get an OK from the ATF, states have their own statutes to deal with...


good luck

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