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  1. fiavaim


    its nice, but i'd still shoot the **** out of it.
  2. mine only has 2 stock positions, and to be honest the quality of the new tube is pretty much the same as the stock.
  3. i used a heat gun, 3x crescent wrench; one that fits snug around the nut where the tube meets the reciever other to fit snug around the end of the tube and the last one doesn't matter. first thing i did was i used the heat gun to break down the locktite. then i had to unscrew the nut where the tube meets the reciever. i did that by finding a crescent, 1 1/16 if i remember correctly, that fit it. then i slide another wrench threw the reciever where the bolt goes then out the bottom. by having my dad hold that wrench in place it keep the reciever from moving, then i used some brute force to get that nut off... its hard as **** let me tell you. pretty did the same thing taking off the tube as i did taking off the nut. both are hard as ****, but all that hard work was worth it to me.
  4. i bought it about a month ago, and it does let the skeletonized stock colapse. i bought 2, one gutted and the other with the spring assembly in it. when i took off the stock recoil tube i replaced it with the assembled on i had. then i tried to swap the spring from the stock tube over to the gutted tube and i have a problem getting the little clip at the bottom (or the end that goes into the reciever) out.
  5. thats a nice place to mount a weapon light, but how does it effect disassembly? just seems like it would be a hassle to strip the gun down to clean it.
  6. fiavaim

    M4 question

    quick question, see if anyone can answer this for me... so is it illegal to have both a skeletonized stock that doesn't collapse and an extended mag tube on your benelli m4?
  7. im gonna say its a nice looking gun, only cause its a M4... but seriously dude it looks like someone just shat all over it.
  8. should be fine, i think they just say its not recommended just they can try to change your mind about purchasing a more expensive light like this one http://www.surefire.com/maxexp/main/co_disp/displ/carfnbr/345/prrfnbr/24223/Scout-Light
  9. well theres a post somewhere in here about the cycling problem the surefire m80 was making. the solution was to add a strip or two of the 3M tape (that you can get from napa) inside the m80 where the pistons would sit in and it would fix the problem. so far so good for my M4, so i'd say it works.
  10. thats really wierd for htat to be happening to your M4, anfter you unscrew the tube cap the barrel should litterally fall outta the receiver if you'd point the gun down. sorry wish i could give give you more advise but thats just too odd can't think of anything.
  11. it can even be just one screw in the picatinny rail that is too tight that wont let the barrel slide out.
  12. try taking the Picatinny Rail off the top of the receiver, it could be that they are tightend too tight and its puting pressure down onto the barrel.
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