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  1. Latest fad, like the old folding shotgun stocks and Pistol grips, for the average Joe it's because of the CDI factor. CDI= Chicks Dig It
  2. LouDiamond

    M4 mounts

    I have a Mesa barrel clamp. The build quality is very good. I am assuming you are wanting to install a light? The pic rail that comes with the clamp can be used to mount a light but I have heard that it tends to extend too far out to the side for some when you add the light bracket and light to the PIC rail. I have used the clamp on a 870 with a light by installing the bracket only on the bottom of the mag tube and inserting a Surefire Chroma in the 2nd slot so that the push button can be activated with the side of the index finger while gripping the forend. I'd imagine you could do this
  3. Everything is new with the exception of the magazine extension which I had from another build. The 870P receiver only has about 100 rounds through it but the stock set and barrel are all new. There are some reflections in the photo of the entire gun off of the park job on the barrel that came from the factory. These may look like dings but they are not, just reflection.
  4. Got my 870 barrel back from Joey yesterday. Initial inspection of the barrel is very good. The work is very clean and looks stock. KA did a good job of matching up the finish on the 1212BR with the factory barrel finish. I'll probably put a hundred rounds through it tomorrow or in the next few days and be able to comment on it's performance. When I get a moment, I will post images of it.
  5. I happen to be in town on business for a few weeks and am right down the road from KA. I met Joey from KA the other day and dropped off an 870 barrel to have them put the 1212 breacher on it. I should have it back in a few days and can give you some feedback. Based on their past work and customer feedback, they are top notch.
  6. Contact Joey at King Armory (kingarmory.com) I believe they may be able to shorten your barrel for you.
  7. Only thing I have encountered with target loads is every now and then a expended hull will get stove piped in the chamber and I have to manually clear the hull.
  8. Dropped my 870 barrel off with Joey from King Armory today and chewed the fat for awhile. Don't know if it was your barrel or not but he said he had a Benelli barrel that they were working on. I should have my 870 barrel back in about +/- 2 days with the 1212 BR and Hi Viz site installed on it. I'll be shooting it quite a bit as soon as I have it back and provide some feedback.
  9. AHH, gottcha. All is not lost though. Give Hans at Vang Comp a call. he also makes a version for the 870 18" barrel that acts as a mag extension and a breaching standoff. See a picture of it HERE ,second from the top. If you have an 18-18.5 inch barrel on your weapon, Hans may be able to hook you up with a version that will fit your weapon. It's worth a call at least. Ya never know.
  10. I will be swinging by and dropping a 18" Rem 870 barrel off with King Armory here in the next few days to have that standoff device permanently installed. If you want a stand off device for the M4, I have one from Vang Comp on my M4 that is a simple screw on replacement for the magazine end cap. It is very well built and works for its intended purpose very well. Photos can be seen by clicking HERE. It can be purchased from Vang Comp HERE
  11. The link isn't working for me. Is there any follow up on this that provides some validity or lack there of?
  12. I hear a lot of people say that but I just don't find that to be true in my case. I suppose it may be true for a large percentage of the gun owners out there but having carried a pistol gripped weapon(M-16 series-M4) most of my adult life (and used it in its intended environment), I find I can drive a pistol gripped shotgun as fast as those who use normal stocks. I suppose like most things, this goes back to an individuals training and what they are familiar with. With that said, I absolutely think that anyone can become as proficient with a PG shotgun as most people are with non PG shotg
  13. If too much hardener is added to the mixture, you can get a glossy finish. Otherwise the standard colors aren't glossy. Still, Duracoat does offer a "tactical" line of matte finishes if the standard colors aren't to your liking. If the Duracoat finish had a thick and bumpy texture it was applied wrong...unless that was what the painter was going for.
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