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M4 stock quetion...


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Originally posted by M1014:

on my M1 Super 90,,,I wouldn't do it,,,if i cut any off the rear i'll have no screw supports for the recoil pad.

We recently cut down an M4 stock, since, as many of you (and the US Marines) have probably noticed, the factory stocks are invariably too long.


Working on Benelli stocks is easier because they don't attach from the rear, so you don't have to worry about the hardware back there unless you are concerned about changing the sling loops for some reason.


What we did was remove the buttpad, then mix up a batch of Bondo and pour it into the back of the stock while the stock was on the gun. After the Bondo set, we removed the stock and took it down to our favorite gunsmith, who for $85 cut two inches off the back of the stock, then fit and ground down a new buttpad. The buttpad was screwed into the Bondo. The result looks completely factory, just shorter.


There are other materials besides Bondo you could use, like dense expanding foam or bedding glass.

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Upon further review (because I'm bored), it appears he was indeed referring to the stock only, as the part number gives it away.


From Cal's:

*70085- M4/ M1014 Skeletonized Stock with Pistol Grip, Non-adjustable drop. Fits the Military M1014, M1014 Limited Edition, and M4 Super 90. This stock will only collapse on the M4 Super 90 model #11707 & the Military M1014. Note: The recoil spring tube assembly is not included with this stock nor is it sold separately by BenelliUSA. MSRP is 170.00 NOT SOLD WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW


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