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Mouth Calls


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These calls are ok. They aren't really special. If you just hunt in your local woods,I'd say go for it,but if you travel any distance,I would suggest going with something more readily available.I make it a point to test everyone's calls to see how we can improve ours,and from what I have found,you can't go wrong with the new H.S. calls,and the Primos line.


Of course I couldn't forget to mention the new Quaker Boy Foam Fits:D,but I want to be honest+fair


Good luck with your choice!

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I have been using a Tom Teasers Hoochie Hen this season and here is my 2 cents:


The call sounds great and is easy to run, it doesn't take alot of air to operate. Great on the basics - cluck, yelp and cut. A little too raspy for me to get a good purr out of, but it is a great dominant hen yelper. Plus you can do a pretty decent job with soft calling on this thing.


The real down side is longevity. I have worn this thing out in about 5 weeks. Don't know if that is typical or not, but just my experience.


On a side note, the problem I have found with mass produced calls is they tend to take a lot of air to operate and I have a difficult time getting softer calls out of them.

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