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SUPERNOVA telescopic stock


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hey guys,


does anybody know if the m4 telescopic stock may fit the supernova???i read the supernova has some modular stock system where you can choose one of three stocks...normal,pistol grip and telescopic with pistol grip...

I thought it may be the same as on the m4, but the m4 has a skeletonized one...

My question is:is it possible to use the m4 skel. stock on the supernova???

It looks they use the same pistol-grip stocks...so what do you think??does anybody know???




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What I hear is that the telescopic stock for the SN, the one pictured in the manual, is the stock for the 5.56 baretta storm model they were to come out with. Unfortunately, word is it got cancelled, so I'm betting so did the stock. I found a gunstore in canada that had it listed for like $370, but I am betting they didnt have them on hand. Even if they did, too rich for my blood, especially with the usd where it is thes days...



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hi do you mean this stock (picture)? i compared these two and it seems that the m4 super 90 has some skeletonized ,compared to this one...


Could you send me some link?to the manual and the canadian seller???


i must find out if i can put the m4 skel. stock on the supernova...if the pipe´s diameter and lengt are the same...


if anyone could help i would be lucky:-)



sorry i cant post the picture...owl check pm!

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Guest GunCrazyD

M4 one will not fit any other gun..and plans for the Super telescoping stock were shelved when ATF banned importation of this type of stock from foreign manufacturers....your congressman deserves a letter!

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