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Black Wolf


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On the way back from hunting turkey up on the western side of the state we saw a black wolf right next to the guardrail:




He wasn't in his pristine winter coat but he was pretty cool to see nonetheless. He easily weighed over a 100 pounds. I'm not sure how tall the guardrail is (didn't think to stop and measure it) but he had no trouble looking over the top of it. The picture isn't the best as we had to put the skids on and hurry and shoot the pictures through the rear window of the truck before he bugged out.


It was cool to get to see one - that's the first wild wolf I've ever seen.


And no - no turkey. Seen them, but just couldn't close the deal.

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In Wisconsin the wolves were reintroduced and have made quite a come back, to a lot of hunters they should be put back on the pest list with coyotes. Our group saw 2 wolves during the deer gun season last year, and they dont seem all to fearfull of man. Bear hunters are loosing dogs to wolves, and we even had a case where a frozen deer had a hind quarter tore right off of it.


Still pretty cool to see.

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