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New Ultra Light 12ga Butt pad broke


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This is a picture of the butt pad on my new Benelli Ultra Light.


I have no idea how this piece of the soft plastic butt pad could have broken off.

I'm the only one who has handled the gun and I only shot it one time before today.


I do like the six pound 12ga very much. I'm sure they will send me a replacement.



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I dont think Benelli is going to give you a hard time for a replacement pad. Just let them know that it was defective when you bought it but you didnt notice until you got to the shooting range.


Looks like someone took a bite out of your recoil pad LOL!



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I just talked to a very nice lady from Benelli CS on the phone.


I asked about the butt pad on my new Ultra Light 12ga.

The bottom corner broke off.


She said that they might be able to send me a new pad.

But the gun was so new that they might not have a new pad. She will check on that and call me back tomorrow.


She said if they don't have one in stock, then I will have to send the gun back.

They will then take the pad off another gun and send it back to me.


I said, why not just send me the pad from another gun if you don't have the pads in stock.


She said that if they need to pull a pad off another gun, they need to have my gun first.


And it will take about three weeks.


See? That makes sense doesn't it?


I hope they have a pad in stock so I don't have to send them my brand new gun for a major pad replacement.

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I have a feeling that they will be able to send me a replacement when they do get some in stock.


I'm not in a hurry, there's no need for them to pull one off another gun just to replace mine right away.


She also mentioned that there were aftermarket pads available for the Ultra Light.

I don't see how that can be true. The gun just came out.

I didn't even know that there were replacement pads for the SBEII.


I have dealt with Benelli CS one other time.

The pad on my SBEII was falling off. It wouldn't stay in place. I was afraid it would come off and get lost.

They did send me a new one that solved the problem.


The soft plastic pad on the SBEII isn't the same kind of material as the soft pad on the Ultra Light.

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