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Cordoba w/ Steel Shot


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Can steel shot be used in a Cordoba? I hear different opinions on putting steel through a ported barrel. Let us assume that the choke will not be tighter than modified, as supplied by benelli. If possible provide direct answers with supporting facts other than presonal opinion.

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owners manual will give you this info,my opinion is the guy writting this article says he has no issues shooting them and i suppose no body else would as long as your choke will take steel shot!




FAQ will answer your question also!

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I used to use steel shot, but then found out that it tends to be a bit harsh on the chrome lining. A few hundred rounds are not going to hurt your gun, but thousands of rounds will eventually wear on the chrome lining.


Coppercoated shot is by far the best for a barrel. Leaves it clean as a whistle, and does not require harsh chemicals to keep the surface clean. Lead shot may be easy on the barrel when you shoot it, but when the residue cakes on the barrel, you end up having to use some very harsh chemicals to get the lead out.


Again, if you only shoot a few rounds here and there, you will not notice a difference, but if you are the type of person that will quickly reach the 30,000+ round mark, then over time the difference in what type of shot you use will become apparent.

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