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Extra Shell?


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I have heard about ladelöffel or 'one in the spoon' and was curious of how you do it? Apperently it gives you one extra shell by placing one on the elevator. So if your gun holds 5 shells in the tube you can have a total of 7... one in the chamber, five in the tube, and one in the spoon.




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The newer (last fives years or so) sporting Benellis must be modified in order to be able to float a fourth shell.

There are two ways to do make the modification, but I prefer the fill method.


There are two slots cut crosswise into the bottom of the bolt's flat base. The rearmost slot should be filled and finished to make it appear as though were never there.


Some use an epoxy like jb weld. Some use a tig welder ;)


After those slots are filled, the fourth shell can be floated on the carrier.

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