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comforttech vs. non-comfortech


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Originally posted by whitefeather:

Going to buy a SBEII soon.


Is comforttech worth the extra money? It looks kind of overkill to me. I like to keep it simple.


Any thoughts on comforttech vs. non-comfortech? I see that they have both now.



tongue.gif Well I know a person who has a sbe and later purchased the SBE II with the comfort tec sys. He can tell the difference and thinks the comfort tec system is worth the money.
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depends on how much of a wuss you are.




I've had a sbe for 8 years, shooting 3.5"s and super-x 3" shells and I've never had anything more than a slightly sore shoulder after a day of hunting (other than the times I've pulled up too fast on geese and rested on my bicept and pulled the trigger :eek: )


If you're really going to be putting shells through your gun, I'd say go for it. From what I've seen it helps keep the muzzle down and can really improve your 'back-on-target' time.

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