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Help accessorizing my new M2


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I've wanted an M2 Field for quite a while now and I finally got one this morning. After putting many boxes of shells through it today with an ear to ear smile the whole time, I'm hooked. I had a few questions that I searched for but I couldn't seem to find the answers so I was wondering if I could get a little help.


1. I love the look of a trap shooting gun that has a magazine the same length as the barrel. I have a 26" barrel on the M2 so it looks like I would need 16" or so of mag to reach the end. Could anyone recommend a brand or length that would fit the bill?


2. I wanted to put a medium comb stock riser on it. I did some searching and couldn't really find one. I saw one on a site but it was $110. That seemed a little nuts to me. Can anyone recommend where to get one?


3. I've been shooting trap since I could hold a shotgun but I've never had a shotgun that had choke tubes. Could anyone recommend a good comprehensive tutorial on chokes? Spread, ammo considerations, patterns, distances, etc?


4. Lastly, another choke tube question related to which ammo you can use with which choke. Can any of them be used with 00 Buckshot?

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this is my signature Benelli,,everything that I want is on this Benelli ,,its realy modeled after the Benelli ipsc guns,,,,the barrel is 21'',limb saver pad,,dug up some oversize controls,,and factory parts etc and installed what I wanted,,no fancy trick machining needed,,runs great,I shoot everything thru it,,won't hurt it,,,just keep it lubed and clean.

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Nice brake/choke you got on there. Would you mind sharing the makes of it? Im looking for something similar to the Royal Arms, but not wanting to spend $140 one brake/choke.



$65 for a kicks high flyer modified choke,,as far as the barrel purchase,,its like pulling teeth,,rare hard to find,$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$,,yes it has a little red site in the front,
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