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Wild Turkey Hunting General Info


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Wild turkey hunting is still popular along this part of the world, while at the same time regarded with respect and gratitude, as well as care for the future of the next generations. Long before European settlers arrived in the Americas, Native Americans enjoyed abundant populations of wild turkeys and hunted the birds for food.


1.When you are setting up on wild turkeys ahead of daylight, don’t get excessively close to roosting places. Views depend on which is the appropriate distance but generally, try to get within 100 to 150 yards if possible. You are basically attempting to get closest to the turkey without spooking it off. The closer you’ve gotten, the fewer the barriers that bird will have to overcome to get to your spot.

2. If you’ve found a tom that is placed on a hillside or part way up a crest, make an effort to climb the hill or ridge and do the calling from a spot above the gobbler or in any case on the equal level. Turkeys aren’t as liable to coming down a hill to a call.

3. Do not endeavor to shoot a swaggering gobbler. If possible, wait until the turkey comes out of swagger and extends its neck. If he does not do it on his own, give him a “cackle” or two; that is typically enough for it to come out and lift his head to observe who’s there. Your goal is to be able to take the best shot you can and plainly collect the turkey. A shotgun pattern will be most proficient when the tom extends his neck, increasing the target area.



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