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Kicks vs. Pattermaster


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I do alot of pass shooting on ducks and geese, with a few decoy shots....Seems like everyone is into the extended choke tube thing. Anyone have a preference or what works best?? I shoot pretty much 3" #2 or #3s for ducks early in the season and then switch to the 3 1/2 inchers..Geese late season I use either BB or BBB in 3 1/2. I shoot the modified factory in my SBEII.

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carlson chokes http://www.choketube.com makes great tubes and you can buy 2 chokes for the price of a patternmaster. They have a new black cloud choke and many other chokes pattern great with steel.


I use (for geese) the dead coyote choke with the dead coyote hevi T shot. Every time I pull the trigger, there down.



How does Carlson compare with Briley? Who else makes good extended chokes? I'm shooting skeets not geese :-)

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i really like my kicks choke ive only had one cripple this year with it every other one has been clean kills and I shoot some passing "we get alot of teal" i try to decoy em but you take what you can get and my friend who has a sbe2 bought one after he tried mine and he has been getting alot cleaner shots too, i have no expierience with pattern master I think they are too expensive. black cloud shoots fine out of a kicks high flyer ive been shooting it with no problems if you were wondering, my friend with the sbe2 shoots strickly kents and he hasnt had a problem.

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