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Benelli Customer Service


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Sent in a M2 for a jamming problem that was covered under warranty. In less than two weeks Benelli had the gun back to me with a list of the repairs that were done. Hopefullly the repairs will fix my problem, but either way I was very impressed with their customer service.

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Just curious, what was your particular jamming problem? FTF, FTE, etc?


My Benelli had that problem but I didn't want to hassle with a repair and sold it off for someone else to deal with (they were informed).


I left Benelli then came back after I got the M4.


Good luck with yours.

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Would not eject all the way, at times it would kick the empty but the bolt would not close all the way. We tried all the standard suggestions but nothing helped, a few times I got through a couple of boxes before it started again.


My son has a SBE 2 that he could not abuse any worse and I don't think he has ever had a jam, so I am hoping the repairs take care of it.

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Seems the Inertia system had some quirks, but not many. I unfortunately bought on reputation and got one that didn't work.


Now, I bought the M4 on reputation and we'll see how this works. If there's trouble, this time, I'm sending it to Benelli.


My fear of my old Rem 870 was not reliability but short shucking it under stress. Which, I have done.


Hate to hear a click when you really want a boom.

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