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Has anyone actually USED an aimpoint T-1 with an M4 yet?


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I'm hearing more and more good things about these sights ... I looked at them briefly when they were first announced at the press conference, but then I forgot about them almost completely until now.


They look to be the ideal microsight for the m4 ... small, low, rugged (which doctor/jpoints are not in my experience), bright, and can be left turned on for a very long time so they are always ready.


I've used an eotech on and off with my m4 over the years, but that eotech has been stolen by one of my new rifle projects, so I got into looking for a replacement optic for my shotgun ...


So my question is, does anyone actually have experience with one of these on an m4, and what are your thoughts on the matter?


To clarify, I am speaking more specifically of the aimpoint t-1 in an lt661 low profile mount, as can be seen in this pic, mounted on an m4:




^^that picture is actually what raised my interest.


$600+ is a lot to spend, but I'm never afraid to spend money if the product is worth it.

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I just took the first Magpul Dynamics shotgun employment class this past Monday in St. Augustine, Florida. The course instructor "Chris Costa" is using a Benelli M4 with SOCOMguy's full length mag tube, Surefire M80 rail, Larue F.U.G. grip, Surefire Scout light with turbo head, Aimpoint T-1 with Larue low mount. Here are some pics of what you were looking for. To view all of the pics go to www.ar15.com click on Hometown, then Florida and scroll until you see Magpul Dynamics shotgun class.



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Very nice.


I sure do wish mesa tactical would start/continue/finish their rail system for the m4 :\ It looks like it would be very nice to have a fore grip on one.


I think I'll have to get one of these t1s ... If it sucks for some reason I can always resell.

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I have used an Aimpoint M3, EOTech 552 and a T1 on my M4.


My favorite is the T1 (although I am not using the La Rue mount).


Obviously, the biggest reason is that it is much lighter and the dot is lower to the bore. You can also get a better checkweld because it is lower. I actually think the ergonmics are superior to the other products (it has a nice, big and clearly marked illumination dial). The battery life is also superb.


I had worred about a reduction in dot acquisition time, but this has not been the case.


My minor quibble is that it is a 4 MOA dot instead of a 2 MOA dot. Then again, this is for a shotgun and not a rifle. Some people also have a hard time viewing the T1 dot (it looks elongated to them) for some reason, but this is not an issue with me.


Just also know that you cannot get a cowitness with you irons as a lot of people seem to think.

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