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Any Cordoba or supersport shooters there?


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I have been a lifetime Beretta user.

I now am looking to replace my AL390 in 12 Gauge.

I am not comfortable with the in my view exagerated radius of the Urika 2 grip, also at the age of 68 the heavier Beretta weight becomes a negative factor.


I fell in love with the handling qualities of the Cordoba 12 Gauge. It seems the gun for me. Love the grip, balance and fit.

I imagine long shots at flushing sharptails or pheasants with stiff 1 3/8 oz lead loads, some clay targets with 1 oz loads, a dose of duck shooting with 23/4 or 3 inch steel loads.


One thing that makes me apprehensive about buying the gun is the porting feature. My perception is that the excessive noise from the porting, will be very disturbing to people besides me and dogs in front of us in hunting situations. Such as in a duck blind or walking up with 2 people to a pointing dog.

Has anyone had hunting experience with the Cordoba in the close presence of other people and dogs?

What have been your experiences in this regard?


One dealer believes that the M2 field is the same gun as the Cordoba, butwithout the porting and the extended choke tubes.

Is this correct?

Will the M2 field cycle 1 oz. target loads?


Hope someone can enlighten me.


Thank you for your time.


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If your going to shoot 1 oz loads, It will be a hit or miss. Some people say on this forum that there gun will not cycle 1 oz loads, some say they will. My friends Monty. shoots 1 oz loads all day long.


Like I said hit or miss. I own three novas, but I'm hoping to trade them for an sbeII by the end of the year.


P.S recommended loads for all the benelli autos is 1 1/8



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My son shoots a SuperSport 12 gauge which is similar to the Cordoba with porting and a slightly flashier finish. I do not notice any excessive noise at 5-stand, sporting clays, or skeet stations. He has not had it in a duck blind or over dogs yet, but I do not see them as a problem. It will cycle 1 ounce and even 7/8 ounce loads all day long with a lot less maintenance than a gas operated gun.

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I have an M-2, a Cordoba and a Legacy Sport. Superb guns. For Sporting Clays, I generally shoot a 7/8 ounce load made by Fiocchi. If I run out of Fiocci's I grab any 1 oz. shell that's available. I've found that the 7/8 loads shoot without any issue as long as they are at least 1200 fps. I've never seen any 1 ounce load that wouldn't shoot without issue in any of my Benelli's. With the M-2, the first 1000 shots were Fiocchi 7/8 loads (zero misfires), so much for the "break in" requirement of heavy loads!


Cleaning the gun is a joy. They break down in seconds, and have a minimum of parts.


Take advantage of the included shims and custom fit the gun to yourself. I'm a lefty and need a "cast on" stock, which is tough to find with most manufacturers.


I've shot pheasants with my buddy (he shoots an AYA) many times and we've never noticed any noise which would be considered out of the ordinary. The dog certainly doesn't seem to react any differently!


Best of luck,



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