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Cordoba porting in hunting situations


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I am considering a Cordoba 12 Ga.

Love the handling qualities and weight distribution.

Like it better then the Beretta Urika2. That is a lot to admit from a 2 decade Beretta Auto fan. I also like the Benelli grip a lot better then the in my mind too sharp a radius in the Urika 2 grip.

My intended use is long shots at flocks of flushing sharptails and spooky wild pheasants with lead 1 1/4 oz or 1 3/8 oz., some sporting clays practice with 1 oz., ducks with steel loads 2 3/4 or 3 inch.

The one factor that keeps me from actually buying it is the porting feature.

How disturbing would the increased noise level of the porting be to gun dogs we be shooting over and people besides me?

Another situation I am worried about is when sharing a duck blind with another hunter, what the porting blast will do to his ears.

Has anyone experience with the Cordoba or supersport in a hunting situation as mentioned above?

Please let me know what your experiences were?


Next question, someone mentioned that a Benelli M2 Field is the same gun as a Cordoba minus the porting and extended chokes. Is this correct?


Next question, would there be apreciable difference in handling qualities between a Cordoba 28 inch tube versus a 30 inch tube ?.


Hope someone can enlighten me.

Thank you for your time,


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I have been using ported Browning Sporting clays guns and ported Benellis for years. As far as I know, I nor anyone else has experienced a problem. Logically if in a duck blind if shots necessitate such a swing that the end of the barrel begins to be adjacent to another hunter; however, still safe the noise is more than disturbing. I am sure under that circumstance the porting may enhance the noise. Taking that type of shot, albeit possibly safe, is not a good plan for either party.


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