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Kick's Buck Kicker ?


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I want the choke that is going to produce the tightest patterns possible with buckshot out to 40-50 yards. I shot my M4 with the stock MOD choke that it came with and while it performed about like one would expect, I was non-plussed. At 15 yards only 30% of the OO hit the target (typing paper).


I like the look of the Buck Kicker. The ports look "cool" I guess, but it worries me. They are angled, but are they going to cause the choke to unscrew because of how they vent the gas?


What does everyone think of this choke, will it produce the tight cloud of OO that I am after?




Could I just get the Kicks High-Flyer Full Choke and shoot OO through it? That way if I want to shoot steel or something I don't have to buy another tube. I realise it may not be QUITE as good as the Buck Kicker, but is there a reason not to do this?

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