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Choke Info Help Please


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Hey guys a bit of help on my new used Benelli which of the 5 chokes that came with the gun do i use for geese using rem 3-1/2" 12g 1475 Vel. 1-3/8oz BB shot. Choke 1+2 cannot be used with seel shot, or is there a diff. choke i should buy, any help woule be great, thanks for your time. Tom

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https://shop.primos.com/c-77-waterfowl.aspx view package instructions for what types of shot this choke system work with!

you did not mention what model Benelli you were looking for a choke for so take your pick, give them a call and ask Primos! Hard to find a better one but there are a couple more around but these will work!

https://shop.primos.com/pc-700-77-dead-zone-waterfowl-choke-tube-12-ga-benelli-sbe-ii-2-pak-decoypass.aspx If it's a SBEII i would go with this set!

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Why not shoot a couple of each shell thru each of the Steel Ok chokes at the distance you will be hunting, and that will tell you more than anything, not every Benelli comes from the factory with the same bore diameter, while they vary only a few thousandths, the same choke I use for my gun may not give the same results for your gun.


I have 2 M2 20gas and both pattern different, even using the same chokes. One patterns flawlessly with factory chokes, the other took a set of after market chokes to get the desired patterns I wanted.


Patterning will also tell you if your gun likes the particular load you do, you may find an issue with the combination, and only the pattern board will tell you.

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