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Just saw this video! post gun vids here


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Definitely fake.


Ignore the 2 blasts or his hand fly back way after the first one ... look at his feet when he falls.


People don't fall like that when they have their entire mass directly over the leg that is supporting them while the other gets caught behind it.


Welcome to the world of attempted youtube fame.


edit:watched it again ... the guy went into a freefall nose dive over his left foot getting delayed by a minor obstacle. I don't care how clumsy you are, you wouldn't fall like that.

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Who would stage something like that? I'm not saying they didn't, but who would.....?



I remember in youth, I'd do a LOT of crazy things. This seems like one of the easiet of a calculated risk, to pretend to trip and fall and discharge a weapon in order to get publicity or, now-a-day, money for a candid video.


So I can forsee people pulling a prank easily from doing things like this in the past.

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